What is SetIntel?

SetIntel is a Mac Upgrade Turnkey Program exclusively offered for select Apple devices. It professionally upgrades Apple Computers to their fullest potential.

SetIntel uniquely provides 1-Year Warranty to the entire Mac hardware when you get a refurbished and upgraded Mac from SetIntel. When you send your own Mac under its Mac Upgrade Turnkey Program, the upgraded hardwares of your Mac will be covered with its 90-Day Standard Warranty.

Understand that SetIntel doesn’t sell or re-sell a new Mac. To buy a new Mac, SetIntel encourages you to visit Apple store, Apple online store or Apple authorized reseller store.

Does SetIntel sell DIY parts?

No, it does not. SetIntel strongly believes in safer and sustainable ESD maintained environment and lab spaces where the workspace resides and the upgrades or services take place.

Many of the DIY doers are found having no idea about ESD precautions at all. This exposes high risk of unreliable upgrade processes. Therefore, SetIntel decided not to sell any DIY parts. Do not inquire us about purchasing DIY parts whether you are a service provider or an enthusiast Mac user. You can buy DIY parts from many vendors who even don’t care what you do, how you do and where you do. All their interest is on making money by selling you DIY parts. We may seem slightly pricier but there’s a strong sense of safety and notion of reliability and efficiency of Mac computer performances after Upgrades.

Why SetIntel? Why not DIY?

SetIntel strongly suggests not to start your own DIY (Do It Yourself) project in term of upgrading your Mac. iMac and iMac Pro are quite valuable and expensive computing devices. SetIntel values it hence discourages DIY at home or office. Here are three major reasons why SetIntel discourages DIY:

Firstly, entire Mac internal components are highly ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) sensitive. One simple failure to comply with adequate ESD management might cause a sever damage to any of the Mac internal components and result a lasting impact on your Mac performance (eventually a fatal and unseen failure of the hardware system).

Secondly, opening a Mac computer such as iMac and iMac Pro require highly skilled and professional handling ideas and experiences. One simple negligence or out of focus interaction while woking on the unit will likely to cause hundreds of dollars loss almost instantly.

Last but not least, the lack of rigorous testing after the completion of the upgrade will likely to pack up the upgrade process of the DIY project in As It Be format. This is likely to introduce reliability issues in the near future. This will cause equal amount of DIY redoing should the rigorous hardware reliability testing be avoided.

How do I upgrade my iMac with SetIntel?

There are two ways to upgrade your iMac with SetIntel. First, the easiest one: simply choose the pre-upgraded iMac listing and Make It Yours by clicking on the button saying so. We’ll then invoice you and prepare the Mac for shipping once all the upgrades are done and tested rigorously.

Second one is quite interactive and fun using. Click on Upgrade link on the Menubar and follow the visual instructions thereafter. Submit the form while done and wait for getting invoiced. We will ship out your Mac when upgrades are completed and tested rigorously.

How do I service my iMac with SetIntel?

SetIntel services Mac computers in its service facility located at 501 Fifth Ave, STE 607, New York, NY 10017. To begin servicing your Mac computer with SetIntel, simply click on the Service link on the Menubar and follow the instructions accordingly.

SetIntel also accepts Mail-in as well as Drop-off services. If you are not in New York, you can ship out your Mac to SetIntel service facility at any time. New Yorkers can also mail-in their Mac computers for servicing with SetIntel.

What does SetIntel do under its Turnkey Program?

SetIntel focuses on upgrading iMac computers between the years 2012 and 2017. Any of the iMac between these years are upgradable and SetIntel covers them under its Turnkey Program and warrants upgraded hardware for 90 Days automatically. At present, you may find us offering iMac Upgrade Turnkey Program for iMacs between the year 2013 and 2017 and iMac Pro 2017.

Does SetIntel sell pre-upgraded iMacs?

SetIntel refurbishes iMac, upgrades it and lists for resell as pre-upgraded refurbished iMac. Subject to availability.

Can I buy new iMac with SetIntel?

Even-though the wording may be found missing at some listings, we confirm that SetIntel does not sell new Macs. SetIntel is also not an Apple authorized reseller. It’s a third-party vendor that may refurbish Mac computers, upgrade under its Turnkey Program and service them as independent third-party service provider.

Do you sell refurbished Mac?

SetIntel may buy new Macs first and then upgrade it; refurbish it to its likings or as configured/requested by its users. SetIntel considers such Macs as upgraded refurbished Macs. So are its Mac listings for sale.

How long does SetIntel support once a product is purchased?

SetIntel supports/warrants its sold Mac for 1-Year and upgraded Macs for 90 days (3 Months). It’s the SetIntel standard warranty that covers any upgraded hardware failure for such given warranty time.

What does the SetIntel Care cover?

SetIntel has three major warranty coverages that are known as SetIntel Standard Warranty, SetIntel 2-Year Care and SetIntel 4-Year Care.

When you bring in your Mac to upgrade with SetIntel, SetIntel already covers it for 90 days on any upgraded hardware failure. Should you buy SetIntel 2-Year Care or 4-Year Care, it covers all internal hardware components and also offers the fastest repair/replacement service possible.

Please understand that SetIntel Care does not cover any Mac that suffers accidental damages, liquid spill caused damages or natural calamities caused damages.