Care for Mac

Every upgraded Mac purchased via SetIntel will come with 1-Year of hardware repair coverage. Similarly, SetIntel protects your own computer that you brought to upgrade under SetIntel Turnkey Program. Such upgraded Mac will come with a warranty for 90 days for upgraded only parts. It covers the parts that were upgraded. 1-Year warranty for all internal hardware is strictly applied to the Mac that is purchased from SetIntel Services.

SetIntel 2-Year Care for Mac extends your coverage to three years and 4-Year Care extends your Mac coverage for five years from the original purchase date of your Mac with SetIintel Services. Such will also add up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a service fee of $799 for screen damage or external enclosure damage, or $599 for other damage (excludes intentional damage), plus applicable tax. In addition, you’ll get 24/7 priority support to SetIntel experts by chat or phone.

SetIntel technical support

Mac is a truly an integrated complex system. Once it is upgraded via SetIntel Turnkey Program, only SetIntel Care gives you one-stop service and support from Mac experts, so most issues can be resolved in a single call or an online chat.

  • 24/7 priority access to experts via chat or phone.

  • Global repair coverage. Travel anywhere. Take it anywhere. And send it to SetIntel facility for servicing when it is failing.

  • In-store priority repair service. No onsite repair for iMac and iMac Pro computers. Requires in-store drop-off or mail-in for services.

  • Mail-in repair available nation-wide/world-wide. Mail-in your Mac and get it fixed fast. International shipping incurs shipping fees plus insurances and applicable taxes (receiver bears custom clearance and other relevant charges).

  • Carry-in repair. Take your Mac to an SetIntel Store for repair.

SetIntel hardware coverage

SetIntel Care for Mac provides global repair coverage, both parts and labor, from SetIntel technicians in its Service Lab. Coverage includes the following:

  • Your Mac computer

  • Battery/Power Unit

  • Included accessories such as the power adapter

  • Upgraded memory (RAM)

  • Upgraded drive (HDD)

  • AirPort

  • Logic Board (SetIntel 2/4-Year Care or Equipment Purchase from SetIntel Required)

SetIntel Standard 1-Year warranty (hardware) coverage

All hardware upgrades (assumed iMac purchased from SetIintel Services) and Mac purchases directly from SetIntel Services comes with 1-Year comprehensive hardware warranty coverage that covers any internal hardware failure including Logic Board. This coverage does not cover spill damaged or accidentally damaged or damaged parts and components due to natural causes or intentional attempts.

SetIntel Standard 90-Day warranty (hardware) coverage

All hardware upgraded by SetIntel comes with 90-Day hardware warranty coverage and such warranty coverage will cover only the upgraded hardwares/components. This coverage does not cover spill damaged or accidentally damaged or damaged parts and components due to natural causes.

Void of SetIntel Standard Warranty, 90-Day Warranty and SetIntel 2/4-Year Care

All warranty types and claims shall be considered voided should SetIntel find any user based or other-party interactions in tampering, inspecting, taking-apart, re-assembling or committing downgrading/upgrading a Mac computer upgraded or sold by SetIntel or warranted or covered by SetIntel. Also spill contacted, moisture impacted, accidental and natural disasters caused damages void SetIntel warranty for warranty service claim.