Welcome to:
SetIntel Affiliate Team!

1. Great Commissions

Flat-rate ommission per sale: 5% (regardless of sales price tag)

No more to worry about referring more customers to meet up with higher commission rates since the lower commission rates are negligible! It’s a flat-referral-rate based commission so take it easy if you please. Earn when a sale is made. There is no sales price tag restriction or price tag cap or commission rate cap. Some of our Mac configurations reach higher than $4500 of sales price and one of such sales will bring to you $225 in this category.

Regular weekly payments

We are one of the rarest businesses that pays commissions in weekly basis! Even if you make only one sale, you get paid for the sale you made. No more worries to meet up with numbers cap or sales cap.

No minimum monthly sales

Even a single affiliate sale gets paid and gets paid in full. No amount goes in hold. No any hassle in receiving sales commission. No need for a pending amount reimbursement requests. No need for a back and forth communication in regards to drawing your own earnings. All it applies is the following short withhold period.

Short withhold period – 14 days

We do not withhold for 90-days. We do not hole it for 60 days. We do not hold it for even industry standard 30 days. Neither we have to worry about withholding until other necessary sales made. We wait for 14 days merchandise return period and award your earnings to your preferred account automatically. Just the 14 days and the sale commission is good to go to your account on the 15th day! This is unique. This is really admirable – as our affiliates enjoy and express.

2. Real Time Tracking

Comprehensive Stats in Your Affiliate Area

Our affiliate area has simple navigation to follow. We have simple but state of the art tools in human readable formats. So that you know what is happening. We have made available all the simplistic tools you need. These are simple to use tools that allow you to keep a track of your referrals. You can track the following activities:

  • Keep track of sales and commissions
  • View current payment and payments history
  • Create and compare different campaigns
  • Make your own preferred and personalized links

3. Marking Materials

Tools for Success

We’ve made your first affiliate step easy. Just choose a banner from our pre-designed collection and place it on your website or email campaign. Or just pick your own link and distribute the way you like. However, the more you know about our services, the better you will be able to convert. That is why we go way beyond banners! Our stories section will tell you who we are and what we are doing and how we are doing – everyday. You can converse from your own authentic stories too. When you enjoy our services, you can tell the stories to the world much better than anyone else can!

Great Visuals

  • Variety of banners and customizable links
  • Custom banners upon request – feel free to ask
  • Deep links for better relevance – personalized links 

Great Content Ideas

  • Test our service and share your experience
  • Write fresh content based on our services and stories
  • Use provided tools to reach friends and families
  • Utilize your connections and social networks

4. Affiliate Assistance

Account Management

Upon registration, you will get an affiliate account assigned to you that you can rely on.

Professional Advice

Our support ranges from day-to-day issues to strategic advice for better referral. Do not hesitate to contact us from within your account dashboard. We are here to help and grow together.

Fast Response

Our team can be easily reached via email and phone. The team is committed to provide fast response to affiliate inquiries. We can always resolve issues you are having with on time so that you do not have to worry about your account and campaign issues any more.